The video is from the BBC and is titled “Alternative Medicine The Evidence”. It is from the BBC and is an in-depth look at how acupuncture works. It is looking at alternative medicine treatments in the UK and they say that acupuncture is a booming business. They show 19-year-old Joanna Hughes, who for nearly one year had a debilitating illness that kept her bedridden. Conventional medicine had failed to cure her so she turned to acupuncture.

After several treatments it had transformed her life. Acupuncture comes from the ancient practice of Chinese Medicine. It operates on the premise that illness and pain occur when the body’s qi, or vital energy is not able to flow freely. It is a form of alternative medicine and is a key component of traditional Chinese Medicine, which we practice at the centre. Carine says “acupuncture is based on energy and it’s based on harmonising the energy of the body.” She put needles into the bodies of the patients to harmonise their bodies and bring balance to their systems.

Ahead of the treatment the people were apprehensive, especially on patient who has a fear of needles. Another patient had a concern that it might make him act weird. The treatment starts with the acupuncturist feeling the persons pulse and they inspect the tongue.

The reason for this is that the tongue is the only muscle you can see outside the body, and when you look at the tongue it can tell you what’s happening inside. As the needles go in people say they feel it a little bit, but it does not hurt. The treatment uses between 20-30 needles place around the body according to the acupuncture points.

Once inserted the patient will rest for around 30 minutes. The people felt very relaxed after the treatment. Acupuncture can be used for treating conditions such all kind of pain and sports injuries, women problem, pregnancy issues and skin problem, emotions issues and general health unbalance problem.

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